Friday, December 08, 2006

An Open Letter to the Standing Committee of the Sydney Anglican Diocese

We have been sent an email containing an open letter addressed to the Standing Committee of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. The letter was written by Rev Dr Keith Mascord who will soon take up a role as the National Chaplain at Mission Australia.
We do not know Keith personally.

As the letter is an open letter, can I encourage you to read it! The letter is written in a good spirit addressing some specific and some more general concerns about the nature of the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Keith has encouraged feedback to this letter, both affirming and also disagreeing with his thoughts, which are representative not only of himself but generally from a council of people he represents. Keith's cover email indicates that these responses will also be passed onto Standing Committee. Can I encourage you firstly to email your feedback to Keith (his email is in the letter), but also consider adding those thoughts to this blog so that other readers can see and perhaps interact with your response (do so anonymously if you would prefer).

Please also feel free to email others the link to the letter or to this blog, so that they can join the discussion.

I would like to affirm the spirit this letter was written in by encouraging you to pray as Keith has suggested in his covering email.
"Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the sentiments of
the letter, please pray that good will come out of this, and that
involved would act in loving, humble and non-defensive ways."

Read Keith's Open Letter to the Standing Committee

FYI - "The Standing Committee is made up of approximately 60 people (either ex-officio or elected) who meet monthly to exercise many of the powers of the Synod when it is not meeting." View Source

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cultural Experience 101

You may have seen this in the Winter Olympics?

You probably had the thought, "those crazy Canadanians" ...

If you crossed a 10 pin bowling centre, on ice, with lawn bowls (but definetly no bare feet), you probably wouldn't have come up with Curling, but that's what you get anyway!

Our Regent community group had a great time, although our form at times was questionable ... it was clear that the other groups were taking their curling much more seriously than we were!

The winners were the 3 Aussies and a Yank who convincingly beat the 3 Canadians (shame ...), the Yank and the Irish.

And yes, sweeping the ice does do something ...

See Jess, Nerida & I on YouTube!