Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Join us ...

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We wanted to write to our brothers and sisters in the Lord, to share with you the beginnings of a journey we are on. We want to invite you to travel with us in spirit and bless us as we go.

On 24 September we will fly to the United States to spend two weeks with our family in California. This will be our first trip back to the US since we were married in November 2003 – we can’t wait to be there again! On 10 October we fly to Vancouver, where we will spend 4 days. The main reason why we are going to Vancouver is to explore the possibility of studying at Regent College.

Before we met, we both felt a deep desire and calling on our lives to serve the Lord beyond what is practical in our current 9-5 jobs. As a couple, we feel called to this together. We are still unsure of what this looks like, but we feel that being trained and equipped to more deeply know and understand our great God, his creation, his people, his work and his Word is the next step. This is where Regent College fits in. We are not sure what lies beyond, but we do have a pipedream of what it may look like … to find out more see our blog entry ‘Visionary Dreaming’.

Regent College is very appealing to us for several reasons. Regent is a truly international and interdenominational community, which provides a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful variety of the Body of Christ. The College has a history of attracting some of the most acclaimed theologians, writers, thinkers, teachers and witnesses in the contemporary Church. Regent College is known and respected in Australia, North America and right across the World. Vancouver is a stunning setting. After spending the first few years of our marriage in Australia, being closer to the other half of our family for a time is appealing to both of us.

Over the last few months, we have tried to learn as much about Regent College as possible – from the experience of studying there and what we will learn along the way, to the people we will meet and where our studies are likely to take us. We have been in contact with former students over coffees and emails, and had dinner with Paul Barnett, a Regent College Fellow. We have also been thinking about what it would mean to leave Sydney – our home, our friends, our family, our careers, our life as we know it – to take a path into the unknown.

This is an exciting yet daunting road ahead for us – a journey that we don’t feel that we can travel alone, nor do we want to. It is an adventure that we would like to share with you, if you will let us. As we prepare to leave and as we are in Vancouver in October, would you support us with your prayers?

Could you pray that we will have a safe trip and a wonderful time with our North American family; ask the Lord to give us clear direction about the next step in this journey, be it Regent College or something else; pray that we will continue to grow in the knowledge and love of God through this process.

Either before we go, or when we return will you share with us your wisdom about the opportunity we have ahead?

Walking on (again) …

Andrew & Jessica

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