Saturday, June 16, 2007

you do the math

There are 300 odd million people in the USA. About 30 million in California (that's more people than in Australia, and almost as many as the whole of Canada). What would be the chance of running into someone you know from another country, in neither of your home towns, while you were both on separate road trips? I don't know ... you do the math!

"NO WAY!!" were the words I said loudly and over and over again when Andy, a Regent friend strolled into the IN-N-OUT Burger bathroom at the Lyons exit off LA's 5 freeway.

Andy, Jess and I are in a community group at college together. Our group had talked about the things that we miss from 'home' that we can't find in Vancouver ... IN-N-OUT was high on all of our lists. So i guess, for an unplanned rendezvous on a CA road-trip, IN-N-OUT was as better bet as any.

It was great to see Andy and meet his Mom, it reminded us of the new friends we have made in Vancouver. It will be good to be back there in 2 weeks time.


andythemadsen said...

random! glad i got to see you guys!

Vijay said...

Nice odds! Mabe it's a sign that you should do a Super-size me style doco at in-n-out.
Are you guys still on gmail?

Mary said...

nice Cali tans - you don't get sun like that in Vancouver ;)