Monday, December 24, 2007

Rob & Bev's Wedding Day

Rob (my youngest brother) and Bev got married at St Peter's Anglican Church in East Lindfield on 22 December and celebrated with a reception at the International Tourism College at St Patrick's Estate in Manly.
It was great to see Rob & Bev make this committment to one another after being together for the last 4 years. The ceremony was joyous and full of praise for our Lord who gives us the gift of marriage, and the feast at the reception was a true celebration.
Jess and I MC'd the event. While we aren't natural comedians, we got a few laughs and people were very gracious in their comments on our efforts. Plus no one was offended. A great day... it's good to be in Sydney for it!


Em and Gav said...

Merry Christmas guys!
sorry for the long time between emails! i am a truely slack!
Great pics of your bro's wedding, looks like a great day.
How long are u back in Aus for? must be nice to be back this time of year!
hows it all going over at college? how much longer do u guys have to go over there? from your blogs it sounds like u guys have really been getting a lot out of it so far.
Alls good over here, had christmas with ems relatives near london and are looking forward to a bit of a holiday in oz in Feb next year.
anyway mate, miss both of u guys and look forward to the time when we are both back in the same country!
all our love to Jess and speak soon

Gav and em

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