Tuesday, November 04, 2008

some sober words for the church on a big day for the USA (and the World)

I appreciated Matthew van Leeuwen's words to the Regent College Community today in his piece, A Brief Election Day Suggestion, as editor of the "etc", Regent's weekly student newsletter.

Today is election day in the United States. Let us keep in mind today that neither a Republican president nor a Democratic president will bring about the reign of Christ on earth. Neither candidate will remove the requirement of the church to proclaim the Lordship of Christ and to daily pick up its cross. Neither candidate frees the church from the need to learn the art of departure, from imagining exodus from oppression in all its various forms, from standing at the crossroads with Jeremiah and discerning the ancient paths, from finding the good way and walking in it. Let us, whether we vote or abstain, resist putting our faith in the democratic process. Let us keep in mind that Adolf Hitler was elected in free elections with the full support of many Protestant Christians such as ourselves.
Lord, have mercy.

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