Sunday, June 27, 2010

Basement reno - moisture control...

Many basements seem to be cursed with constant water issues. Our basement is pretty good - the biggest issue we have is condensation, when the warm humid air from outside collides with the cool below-ground air from the basement. Fortunately, that problem exists on the other side of the basement to what we are "finishing."

As a precautionary step however, we are using some pink foam boards that are glued to the masonry walls of the basement. these boards do 3 things:

  1. they act as a barrier that stops the transfer of air of different temperatures that exist inside the basement and outside the basement walls, without this temperature control condensation would form
  2. the boards are lined with a cling-wrap type plastic on both sides, so if moisture was to seep through the concrete walls, in theory the water wouldn't penetrate through to the framing and wallboard - i.e., prevent water damage from seepage
  3. the boards also are an insulating barrier for temperature control and energy efficiency

Next step, framing the walls...

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