Thursday, April 26, 2007

off to Ensenada

After a week of relaxing and indulging in Bakersfield, today we hit the road for Ensenada Mexico, with a few days in San Diego en route.

Ensenada is a beach side town, located on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. We can drive there; it is approximately 4 hours from Los Angeles, about 90 minutes south of Tijuana, just over the US/Mexico border. Ensenada is a rapidly growing town of about 450,000 people. Being close to the US border, Ensenada has a growing tourist industry and is also a port for short cruises out of LA & San Diego.

This will be my 4th trip to Ensenada and my 5th to Mexico. Usually, we head down to Ensenada for 2-3 days to visit a growing number of friends, friends that we have been introduced to through relationships that Jess' folks have developed. On this trip, however, we will be staying for 7-8 weeks.

We have decided to spend a good chunk of our 'summer' here to get a real taste for life in a developing nation, to develop our relationships with our Mexican friends and learn more about following Christ from their perspective, and to help out at the Ensenada Outreach Centre where we will be staying. Jess is also hoping that is will be an opportunity for my Spanish to improve in leaps and bounds. If you compare Ensenada's weather with Vancouver's (see the two AccuWeather modules on the RHS of our blog) and also understand that the last 8 months have been wet, dark and cold for us, you'll also understand another reason why we are keen to spend a few weeks in a warm and dry beach-side town!

We are not entirely sure what our time will look like in Ensenada, but we are hoping that the experience will be one that gives us a greater perspective on life beyond our affluent Western one, and also on what God is doing in this part of the world. We are going with open minds, obedient hearts and ready feet to see and to hear if this could be a place or a gateway to what the Lord has for us post Regent.

We hope to keep the blog well-updated as we go, to try and share some of the experience and in so doing crystallise it for ourselves. Please pray for us as we go ...