Monday, August 02, 2010

from the garden to the table : : cherry tomato pasta

Cherry tomatos are a winner in the backyard veggie garden! Easy to grow (all of our seedlings have produced), the tomatoes are small and so grow to size and ripen quickly and they are super-tasty!

Cherry Tomato Pasta, one of Jess' made-up recipes, has been one of our favorite meals for a while now... so it is great to get the key ingredient from our garden + a range of herbs to vary the dish...


Here's how you make it...
  • lots of garlic and olive oil in a big saucepan
  • cut & cook-down a bunch of cherry tomatoes + take the innards from a few big tomatoes and add them to the mix (keep the tomato shells for our next recipe)
  • season with salt & pepper to taste
  • add some half-cut cherry tomatoes for a few minutes at the end
  • add chopped parsley
  • a splash of white wine (in the pasta people!)
  • pine nuts are a great addition!
  • serve over angel hair spaghetti with parmesan cheese + ground pepper
  • garlic bread and salad make the meal (as well as a refreshing glass of white wine)

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