Wednesday, August 04, 2010

online shoppers >> $5 for you + ongoing rebates for your purchases + an iPad for me??

There seems to be lots of things on the internet that look to good to be true, and are...

Ebates is not too good to be true... 
it works and I have received US$123.72 into my PayPal account to prove it!
[please keep reading to earn $5 + ongoing rebates for the stuff you already buy online + help me win an iPad for my business]

Ebates is a website that allows you to earn a rebate for buying things online - things you would be buying anyway. I have earned rebates from 1% to 16% on purchases. What Ebates do, is take the referral commissions that e-tailers offer to content publishers and give you half of the commission.

There are over 1200 e-tailors who pay referral commissions... 
I have earned rebates back on purchases from:
  • ebay 1-3%
  • REI & REI Outlet 3%
  • Apple Store 1% (sometimes 2%)
  • MacMall 2.5% (sometimes 5%)
  • Adobe 6%
  • KitchenAid 16%
  • Moosejaw 5%
  • J&R Camera & Electronics 3%
  • Newegg electronics 1.5%
  • Endless Shoes 6%
  • Hollabird sports 4%
Sadly, Amazon does not participate...

Here's how Ebates works:
  • I find what I want to buy online.
  • Close the browser.
  • Go to ebates & log-in (usually you are alreday logged-in)
  • Select the store on Ebates and be redirected to the e-tailor's website
  • Purchase as normal from the etailor
  • Usually within 48hrs of the purchase being shipped, I get an email from Ebates saying the $ has been added to my Ebates account
  • Then every 3 months, Ebates puts $ into my PayPal account.

Help me help you, and I will be helped too...
If you sign-up to Ebates (for FREE) and make a purchase through Ebates of > $20 before 30 September, you will earn a $5 bonus (and so will I) + you will have learned how to keep getting rebates on your online purchases.
If I can get 50 people to sign-up and make a purchase, Ebates will give me an iPad, which would be cool to own, but especially great to have for my new photography business,

Please sign-up to Ebates through this link:

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