Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Basement Reno - drywall sanding, clean-up & primer

What is my least favorite task in this DIY project?
Without-a-doubt the drywall sanding!

After the joint compound is applied with tape to the seams in-between the wall and ceiling boards + on the screws, the excess compound must be sanded smooth to the wall. The dust is super-fine and it gets everywhere (I thought about getting a picture for you, but I didn't want the dust all-over my camera)... it is s miserable task - and it is now over with! The clean-up after the sanding is a task in itself...

Next step was to paint the thirsty (dry)wall and ceiling boards with primer (for the Aussies "the undercoat"). Because the boards have never been painted before, this takes a while and we will need two coats.

The finishing stretch has begun...

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