Saturday, July 10, 2010

Basement Reno - in-built shelves & utility closet

As it turned-out, my tradie partner's flight was cancelled... so Matt returned to the basement to find it exactly as he left it (rather than returning to see it all of his great work finished)! Matt's return was a good thing, as it allowed us to add the closet doors to our big piece of in-built furniture. This was Matt's and my first attempt at hanging cabinet doors... its a tough job.... but with some patience, a few adjustments and the chalk line & line level that Clyde gave me for Christmas, we got the job done pretty well.

We decided to add this in-built piece of furniture to conceal the house's water shut-off valve and meter that lurks behind the utility cabinet (Matt felt that this great piece of craftsmanship was wasted on a ulitity cabinet...). The bookshelves hide the water pipe that was lower than the ceiling we put in.

This is a solid piece of furniture! 5 feet long bookshelves and a 3 foot cabinet from floor to ceiling (about 6.4 feet high). The bookshelves should come in very handy for the kiddos' play things...

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Anonymous said...

Looks good! Now time for pictures of the baby bump??