Sunday, February 26, 2012

Basement Reno -- a good day on 1 hand...

Lots happened today... some visible, some subtle -- but all important for the final push to get all the dry-wall hung:

Here is the visible progress:

The view coming down there stairs: ceiling in-place, one panel of vertical wall + light fixtures hooked-up and ready to go into place. The subtle progress you can't see in this picture, is working out how to close-in a sloped part of the roof, i.e., the open part of the ceiling here.

Another shot of the ceiling, wall, and lights.

What the new lights will look like (except hopefully brighter! See my next post...)

So on the 1 hand a good day... but on the other-hand, I have an electrical / lighting problem which may mean I have to pull down all the dry-wall that has been hung so far and re-work the electricals -- please see my next post -- I need help...). With only 2 days until the wife returns (and i have to do some day-job work on both of those days), I am running-out of time...

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